The Question

Kaz Skellington


From the EP "Paroxysmal Impulse" Get it on iTunes:…se-ep/1352163005 Spotify: Written, Produced, Performed by Kaz Skellington


作詞:Kaz Skellington

作曲:Kaz Skellington

Hi, I'm the worst human being I know I'm a hypocrite I'm getting sick of it Stick my middle finger so I can sickle it Pulling my hair out till my vein pops like a licorice I'm trying to empower the people? Gibberish. I'm the coward that can't do nothing right So every night I feel like there's a spike in my mind So I cry without knowing when the pain's gonna die Is it a crime to think you wanna end this life? Why do I always lie and hide behind the smile Acting all cool. like i feel good. I wanna do this I wanna do that But I'm a quitter, acting all bitter Complaining how this world is fucked up on Twitter When I know deep inside I ain't wanna do shit. It's all my fault I just wanted to do music But my untalented ass keeps making excuses Like I don't wanna be controlled Don't tell me what the fuck I should do I don't wanna live no more Why the fuck do I gotta be like this. Don't wanna live no more But I can't be a kid no more This shit I hold is piercing me like a shish kabob So I try to hold girls but I hold grudges Trauma aching my body while I'm still fucking Crab in a bucket? Can't rush to get the fuck out of this abyss Try to reminisce the happy times with your friends Can't come up with one since I moved out of my home town I don't even wanna face my high school class mates now that they've grown now Disconnect between our visions and their slick finesse Rich obsessed like they ain't seen no big regrets But my shits molestus, in public connect Where I'm a physical-mental minority in this America's nest Slit my neck, Skellingtons a mess Mislead by my fuckin ambitions quest. Yeah I had a dream but I can't figure out what the fuck I wanna do now Writing some pieces to get meanings Maybe I'm just bored thinking jacking off my hap-penis I don't wanna live no more But I still wanna live fo sho I don't know why I just cry every night again I don't wanna live no more Just wanna live fo sho and All I see are the blood boiling in me Exploiting the core from my forehead like I was born to see The roaring me screaming in the mirror Day by day I'm transforming weirder How many fucks can I give till I run out of dicks? How many shits can I give till I run out of ass? I meant run out of my gas I'm running out of it fast So I might crash while this motherfucker just lasts What do you say? life in a fast lane? And I might break my saneness in migraine combine hate with self hatred Get grenaded in my brain so I get wasted


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